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My tweets
  • Mon, 21:16: *crawls onto the TL* ... *looks around* ... *crawls off*
  • Mon, 21:17: //My calf feels like it's going to cramp help please it hurts like fuck when it does hELPP
  • Mon, 22:37: //Going to have to get an ultrasound on my leg. Great.
  • Mon, 22:37: //But My Mad Fat Diary is cheering me up bc the cast are all bootyfull
  • Mon, 22:38: //But still; have to have an injection, dermatology appointment, possible x-ray and now an ultrasound on my leg. *faCEPALM*
  • Mon, 22:42: //Urgh I actually want to cry oh
  • Mon, 22:46: //Oh god I'm actually crying someone hold me why am I crying no I can't I can't emotion I don't like it
  • Mon, 22:50: // #100000000percentdonek
  • Mon, 22:54: // No. I can't even. I just can't. #MentionsOnly/#DMsOnly/#no
  • Mon, 23:04: //#DMsOnly Now. If you want to chat, please do... I'd appreciate it right now...


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