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  • Sun, 14:28: //I need to be more IC on this account oh... Fave/RT for a starter or something.
  • Sun, 14:33: He sighed, sauntering off of the bridge with his arms wrapped around himself; Khan had been absent for weeks and each day, Pavel--
  • Sun, 14:33: - asked himself whether or not it was him his fiance was running from. The teenager had spoken to numerous people, and most have said that,-
  • Sun, 14:33: -- although a pain, Khan would never cheat on Pavel or do anything to hurt him; he was losing hope. He'd had trouble sleeping for ages,--
  • Sun, 14:33: -- and he'd also had trouble concentrating. Everything was so much duller now Khan wasn't around and Pavel had recently realized --
  • Sun, 14:33: --how much he'd been pushing people away and avoiding everyone. He didn't like being with people anymore; they did nothing but hurt you.
  • Sun, 14:35: "Eez eet about time I start collecting cats or..?"
  • Sun, 14:37: "@THiddysDiddly: Imagine bondage with Loki." Unf.
  • Sun, 14:40: "@LiveRegretThis: // Balthy's in a bad mood awwww// Shut up." {Pets his face}
  • Sun, 14:40: {Wanders onto the TL carrying six or so cats}
  • Sun, 14:43: Balthazar, Balthaza, Balthaz, Baltha, Balth, Balt, Bal, Ba, B, Bi, Bit, Bitc, Bitch..... *moody pouting*
  • Sun, 14:45: #PavelIsOfficiallyDoneOh #DammitKhanWhereAreYou #PavelsGonnaFuckShitUp
  • Sun, 14:49: He locked himself in his room, fed his eight cats and flopped onto his bed, flicking his TV on and watching Futurama.
  • Sun, 14:51: "Oh zhey got eet pretty right to be honest." He frowned.
  • Sun, 14:52: "I mean, zhe Planet Express eez like zhe USS... Fry - kirk, Layla - Uhura, Bender - ... Probably Scotty."
  • Sun, 14:54: "Zhe little creature zhing - Keenser. Zoidberg - ... Probably Heekaru."
  • Sun, 14:56: RT @Ironman_TStark: @I_kan_do_zat holy crap *he gasped at the view and stole one of them that's clinging onto his shoulder* how adorable!
  • Sun, 15:13: //Dont know if y'all remember but remember when Pavel had a massive fight with an angel and shit went down oh. Yeah,he still holds a grudge.


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